Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

After over thirty years of being inspired by flight, I finally began my journey in March of this year. My beginning attempts in the weather of the Pacific Northwest, where I live, led to six months of frustration battling minimums, Covid bouts, and over 85 flight hours with no Private License.

I contacted Tony at AFIT and he set me up with Adriel in Lincoln, California. In six days, Adriel had me transitioned over to the six-pack from my G1000 familiarity, re-soloed, pinned-down some landing challenges I had, and had me prepared to pass my check ride. Everything was smooth, communication great, and the end result was priceless. Achieving my Private Pilot License was a dream thirty years in the making and I’m finally on track to continue pursuing my transition into a new career in aviation.

Thanks Tony and Adriel for propelling me forward on my journey! I’m rolling on ground school for my instrument with King’s and will get my knowledge squared away for my IRA test. I’m hoping to get set up for your instrument course ASAP.

Klayton Lewis

Port Townsend, Washington