Thanks so much for your support in the pursuit of my instrument rating. Like most of the students you talk with, I had earned my private pilot license through a very frustrating one step forward two steps back approach with four different instructors that I didn’t wish to repeat as I embarked on the journey to attain instrument proficiency. From the first time we spoke six months ago, I was convinced that once I had my instrument written under my belt AFIT had the instructors to mold me into a safe and proficient instrument pilot.

Ed was a terrific instructor. Ed was very patient while I learned from his nearly 10,000 hours of experience. Ed’s teaching background enabled him to productively convey the complex concepts associated with the rating. He’s a real asset to your organization. Also, the ten day instrument program is perfectly aligned with the instrument subject matter and the consistency of flying every day allowed me to master skills that I will use each time I fly IFR or VFR. I will recommend AFIT to anyone that is serious about attaining their instrument rating.

Thanks again!