My 10-Day IFR Training Course

I am a private pilot from Germany and wanted to do my instrument rating in the US. I was naturally unsure what to expect but Tony and Ruben were extremely professional and guided me through the whole process from the registration, TSA approval, IACRA and all the other paperwork. On the ground at KLHM the whole process was extremely professional, well maintained airplanes and a pleasant environment for the students. We started flight training immediately and Ruben is a great instructor, He really made me hone my skills and put great emphasis on me “acting as PIC” which really helped me on the instrument check ride and also made me a better pilot. Ruben took great care to explain all the intricacies of the IFR world and we practiced countless approaches. By the time the check ride was scheduled I felt well prepared – in fact the last hours flying with Ruben were designed to be more challenging than the check ride itself. I was very happy that everything worked so well and that I received my instrument ticket after the check ride.

I am very grateful to Ruben and AFIT for their great work and would not hesitate to recommend them to any pilot looking at getting an IFR rating.

Leo Plank

Munich, Germany