14-Day Private Pilot Course


Thank you for getting me set up for my Private Pilot course in Sacramento and an even bigger thank you for pairing me with my senior instructor Mike.

Mike turned out to be the perfect instructor for me—incredibly patient, calm, and exceptionally good humored. He possesses an amazing wealth of aviation knowledge, which he shared freely throughout the time I spent with him.

The days went by incredibly quickly. Mike was always encouraging, even when I doubted myself. In addition, his great sense of humor unquestionably helped keep me going day after day.

He answered my endless questions without making me feel stupid for even asking. His scaffolding approach to teaching made sure I had a good foundation–he helped me see the ‘big picture,’ while continually reinforcing the basics. His confidence in me helped me learn things faster than I ever imagined possible. Mike really went the extra mile for me—two miles, actually!

Thanks again for a wonderful experience, and also for a wonderful instructor.


Louise Schatz
Winston-Salem, North Carolina