10-Day Instrument Training Course

I recently had the opportunity of undertaking the Instrument Rating course with AFIT, and I must say that the experience exceeded my expectations. Under the guidance of my CFII, Ben, I trained at Lincoln Airfield in California. The 10-day intensive program was an eye-opening journey that not only enhanced my flying skills but also let me to achieve my instrument rating in record time.

Traditional training for an instrument rating can be a lengthy process, but AFIT’s immersive approach allowed me to attain the qualification in a fraction of the time. This was made possible by the rigorous daily schedule, which typically involved around 4 hours of flying combined with personal theory study in the afternoons.

Ben, my CFII, played an important role in shaping my experience. His expertise, patience, and commitment to my learning journey were truly commendable. His guidance during flight sessions was invaluable; he not only emphasized precision and technique but also ensured that I developed a deep understanding of instrument procedures and regulations. Ben’s ability to adapt his teaching style to suit my learning pace was key in boosting my confidence as I progressed through the course.

The intense schedule demanded discipline and dedication, but the results were very worth it. It was really rewarding to get the Instrument rating after all the effort. Thanks for everything.

Best regards,

Manuel Costano