I wanted to take a minute a tell you how excited I am to have completed my IFR training using your finish up program. As you know, I have been working on my IFR ticket for almost 2 years and was ready to just give it up altogether. With my busy schedule and trying to work that around a local CFI with other students it would have been almost impossible to have ever completed my training. During our first talk, we had planned on having Bill come to Mississippi and train here but, after talking with Bill about my schedule we decided that it would be better if I came to Georgetown. What a great decision that was for me. I can’t tell you how much I learned from Bill with his years of experience, knowledge and willingness to teach others, he made the training fun. Being able to go to Georgetown and train away from the day to day business activities was definitely a benefit.

The tips and training I received from Bill gave me a better understanding of aviation in general and not only help me pass my check ride but made me a more confident pilot. I never thought that getting a clearance could be so easy. I am so thankful for Bill’s patience and willingness to teach others. See you soon, I look forward to working with Bill in the future to complete my commercial rating.