14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

From the first contact with Tony and Accelerated Flight & instrument Training to the dinner with Paul, my Certified Flight instructor after a successful check ride, what a great experience.

Tony made sure all my questions were answered and the process of showing up to my flight training was seamless and that I was prepared. The prep course for the ground knowledge and ground test is well put together and if you study will have no trouble passing with a high score.

Let me share my experience with the actual flying portion of the course. First my CFI Paul, is just a good person. He is a man that has experience and knowledge that far surpasses his age, his patience and the ability to really teach was the key to our success. I can not overstate all the CFI’s that I meet in Lincoln California Paul, Ruben and Steve are what makes this program work. My actual flight experience the first day I showed up was nothing, I mean nothing, I had only rode in a few small planes in my life I had never touched a control or a radio. Not having any experience is fine, this program is set up for those like myself. I will warn you though don’t expect a passive learning experience from the first 5 minutes of sitting in the plane, tell the fist time you take flight probably within 30 minutes of sitting in the plane you will be actively learning and will be using the controls. Paul pushed me out of my comfort zone from the first flight. He needed to do this as it is an accelerated time frame, this never came with jeopardizing safety or control. Just be prepared to be out of your possible comfort zone for the first couple days. By the 4th or 5th day I felt more comfortable and by day 7 when I had my first solo flight I was comfortable and ready. After that first solo Paul and I spent the next 6 days working on my new skills and learning to be a good pilot. 14 days after my first day sitting in a plane with Paul I had my check ride one of the most nervous days of my life. My Designated Pilot examiner Mark was a great examiner who helped me with my nervousness and at the end of the day said I passed.

If you’re thinking of becoming a pilot this program will get you there. I am 51 one years old and I have a schedule that I understood the way to make this work was to block off 14 days to accomplish this dream. Tony and Paul with AFIT made this a reality and they are both a class act.

Mark Owens

Crane, Oregon