First off, huge thanks to my instructor, John T. for making the learning process as experiential as possible. John’s approach to ground training always felt more like a conversation with a trusted friend than a formal class, and his extraordinary depth of knowledge in all facets of aviation meant that there was seldom a question to which he didn’t have the answer. He kept me laser-focused on the knowledge I would need for my FAA oral test and check ride, but he still found time to impart untestable yet critical lessons that he has learned in his 40+ years of flying.

Like many novice pilots, I struggled with landings. John proved to be extraordinarily patient with my learning process. He applied several different teach techniques until he found the one that resonated with me and it all clicked. He held my hand during new maneuvers and situations just enough to ensure that I was safe, but he let go often enough to ensure that I learned something from my mistakes. I am confident that I am a better pilot for it, and I truly appreciate the high standards that he set for me, which made my check ride just another day in the plane.