I wanted to relay my thanks for the incredible training provided by John and AFIT. I am a low time pilot (just passed 200 hours while with John) and being in my mid-40s don’t learn as quickly as I used to! So, leading into the start of my course I really couldn’t see how someone could turn a few random hours of instrument time (going back to my private training a couple of years ago) into an instrument rating in just 10 days. How wrong I was…

On meeting John on the first day, he immediately put me at ease. He’s a very likable chap and very quickly honed in on a communication and teaching approach that suited my learning style. We actually got going on that first day with the 250 mile / three airport requirement included in the PTS. This was a stroke of genius on John’s part because a) it helped us get to know each other b) got a potentially cumbersome requirement out of the way quickly and c) got me well grounded in what lay ahead, without the pressure of having to “perform” from the outset. While my mistakes were frequent and clear, by the end of the flight John has raised – not lowered – my confidence in my ability to pass the checkride.

Over the course of the following days John worked me hard! He was very flexible as to when we met each morning, accommodating weather issues into the training with ease. We also had some unanticipated plane availability issues and John got stuck in with a number of very persuasive calls to various folks to find a resolution. This included “educating” some folks on the FARs around 100 hour requirements with for-hire planes. John knows his stuff!!

As it turned out, we lost three full days to weather, which – I am told – is very unusual for this time of year in Denver. Even then, John signed me off at the end of the 8th day. Given my readiness (or lack thereof) going into the course, that is staggering to me! He threw in “academic” topics along the way, which was really helpful in getting through the oral exam, which I took on morning of the 9th day. I sailed through that and John was a big factor. Unfortunately, weather prevented me taking the checkride, which was postponed to the following morning. Again, John was there for me – he met me at 8am for a quick ride ahead of my checkride, which was very helpful. He didn’t need to do that – but did!

Thankfully my checkride went well and I was overjoyed to receive my instrument rating. I am completely exhausted but in a good way!!

John’s teaching style, communication skills and sheer experience were the biggest factors in my achieving what, for me, has been a goal for quite some time. I would also like to think I made a good friend (and more, actually – he introduced me to his pilot girlfriend and two other pilot friends over a very enjoyable dinner on Friday!).

If you have any customers in the Seattle area (which may happen because I’ll be telling folks about AFIT) please send John – I’d love to meet up with him and think back on what was a very enjoyable and ultimately successful 10 days. Together, John and AFIT exceeded my expectations.