I wanted to testify to the incredibly high level of competency of your instructors and AFIT.

Prior to my time with AFIT, I attempted to learn with a local flight school and did not have a great experience. However, my time with AFIT was the complete opposite. From my first lesson working with Samuel, I enjoyed every second of his instruction and passion. He always had a phenomenal answer to every question. Even after hours he was always available for questions. Samuel is a great example of a pilot who could be working anywhere but his love for teaching aviation is what makes him so valuable at AFIT. Additionally, to be able to solo within a matter of days is a testament in itself to the trust and confidence your CFIs build within each student. Samuel is an easy 10/10 fantastic CFI. 

Almost 250 flight hours later, I can say AFIT was the best use of two weeks within aviation that I’ve ever committed to.

Thanks for everything, Tony!