10 Day IFR Training in Cessna T182T with G1000

Tony is amazing at organizing everything. Emails are answered almost before you even sent them… He will guide you through all the different processes and forms needed for the instrument training especially the things needed for the alien flight student program, along with recommendations for study material and videos to watch about charts and the G1000. I chose the Cessna T182T with G1000 for my training, it was in perfect shape and available all day for the whole training. Van Nuys airport is a fascinating airport and the perfect home base for ifr training.

John the instructor is not only highly experienced as an instructor and pilot, but also knows all the great places to fly to…. He creates an environment for you to learn and recognizes your areas for improvement very quickly. I really enjoyed every day of training and was surprised how quickly my IFR skills improved by flying to all these great locations, perfect combination of fun and learning.

Thank you John and Tony for a great experience!