14-Day Private Pilot Training Course


When I signed up for the AFIT accelerated flight training course to obtain my Private Pilot’s License in 14 days, I definitely did not know exactly into what I was getting. This accelerated course is intense and requires complete focus and commitment to the goal. For me, the most important key to successfully completing this flight training “Boot Camp” was having the right instructor. Ruben was an amazing CFI because he is patient, encouraging, and really knows how to teach aviation and build the confidence required to fly solo. He has a special chair out by the runway and when you solo for the first time, he goes and sits in the chair and watches you take flight and land the plane all on your own. I won’t forget that moment and seeing his fist pump in the air as I taxied back after landing.

Ruben is extraordinarily experienced in flying everything from single engine land aircraft to helicopters. This is someone who lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps aviation. In addition to making flying fun and being a great teacher, he also knows precisely how to prepare his students for the all-important check-ride.

I could not have accomplished my goal of earning my Private Pilot License without Ruben’s instruction and encouragement.

Thanks so much for a successful mission, Ruben!!

Melissa Kong M.D.

West Lake Hills, Texas