14 Day Private Pilot Training

My flight instructor Michael K. was very knowledgeable in all areas of aviation. He has extensive experience flying numerous types of aircrafts, which contributed largely to the level of training I received. Michael’s teaching style reflects what I like to call a more “real life training” style. What I mean by that is in addition to the requirements, he not only will teach you how to fly and fly well but will train you on certain situations in which you may encounter in the region you will be primarily flying in. He does this using real life examples on the ground and in the air. In my first several months of flying I cannot tell you how many times his teaching points I have thought back on.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together off the runway as much as I did on the runway. Michael is a great guy, someone who definitely makes you feel comfortable and want to be around. Best of all I can honestly say he would do anything to help his students be successful. I would highly, highly recommend Michael for anyone looking for a great education, a great friend, and a great flight instructor!

Michael Baxter
Des Moines, Iowa