10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

I have to say initially I was a little nervous about all the information I needed to grasp along with the procedures and maneuvers for the practical check ride. I let time take its course and Greg taught me everything I needed plus heaps more. I asked a ton of questions and he always was able to answer in a way I understood. Not only did I learn a lot, but he had a good sense of humor and made the training enjoyable as well. Even towards the end when he was coming down with a cold, he stayed late to ensure all of the paperwork was completed and that I was ready for the check ride. It was great instruction and great support to get me through the process.
I had an good experience working with AFIT and Greg. They helped me get my private pilot’s license in a short amount of time and with great and complete instruction. I feel that I learned things much more in-depth being able to do it in one contiguous session rather than trying to schedule all of the time at a local airport with younger less experienced CFIs. It was a lot of work and I would suggest being prepared as much as possible with the knowledge portion, but the overall process was easy to follow and clear.

Thanks for everything Tony and Greg,