10-Day IFR Training Cirrus SR-22 / Perspective


I passed the flight portion of my IFR check ride on Tuesday. This accomplishment would not have been possible without the instruction provided by John my senior instructor. John is a consummate professional. This became apparent when we first met. His signature tie and hat exemplify the precision and attention to detail that an IFR pilot must possess before safely taking to the air.

John’s quick wit made the IFR training fun. But he also was able to quickly get me focused on the multiple tasks at hand. For example, he had me shooting VOR and ILS approaches on day 2. That built a sense of confidence in myself that would translate into more effective training activities throughout the 10 days John trained me.

Another skill set of Johns’ is his ability to calmly and patiently review and explain a procedure or task that was challenging. For instance, we did holding turns until I felt comfortable and could demonstrate I had it down cold. In addition, the opportunity to listen to John’s unique radio skills talking to ATC was a great learning experience in itself.

Anyone contemplating accelerated training for the IFR certificate would be well served to consider John as an instructor. There is no question that my IFR performance benefited from John’s unique instructional capabilities.