Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

I highly recommend Greg as a CFI with the AFIT program. I had been slowly marching towards my PPL for almost 2 years and never was able to make that final push due to instructor availability, weather, aeroplane availability, and my own schedule. Greg and I spent 8 intensive days together and knocked it out. There was an aircraft dedicated to me those 8 days and it was always in great condition. Greg was a phenomenal instructor, quickly assessing where work was needed and not. By day 4 it was clear that my flying was looking check ride ready. Instead of just forcing more pattern work, Greg saw the chance to keep pushing and got me up into the mountains with him to try out some challenging strips. This was a huge confidence booster, an invaluable lesson in mountain flying, and made the check ride feel much less challenging. Highly suggest you work with Greg too.

Michael Merola