I just wanted to write to you to sum up the 14-day PPL course I took in Boulder. John was a great instructor and a total professional. He knows his stuff! He spent a lot of time teaching me how to “be one with the airplane, kimosabi”, and it was certainly helpful – I passed my check ride on the first try!

As you know, I flew out from California to do this course, so finishing on time was very important to me. We hit a patch of bad weather, and I was worried that I’d be headed home without my license. But John kept us on track! As soon as we had a good day, he pushed me to knock requirements out, one after the other, and I ended up completing right on time. Keeping my goals in his mind and helping me get to them was very much appreciated!

Another great thing about learning from John was that he put things into larger perspective. For example, we practiced an instrument-only approach, just so I could see how it worked. This was great to see, and I’ll be back when I’ve racked up enough time for an IFR rating :)

Thanks to you as well, for dealing with the scheduling twists and helping me to get this done! My experience with AFIT was professional from start to finish, I’m thrilled to be a new private pilot, and I’m looking forward to flying in California in the days to come!