I am now back in San Antonio, Texas extremely grateful at the superb training and instruction I received via AFIT from my instructor John in Boulder, Colorado! Where do I start to sing the praises of AFIT’s program at the hands of John? I passed! But that’s not the bottom line. I learned a lot more about flying with him that went way beyond just passing that Checkride. I felt that throughout the entire process, John was always there for me-totally committed to not only making sure I passed the Checkride but that I would be a significantly better pilot in the process, regardless of the outcome. The process was Intense. The subject matter is intense but at every moment of everyday John was there doing his best for me on my behalf. For example, Colorado weather as the calendar flips from winter to spring is challenge in its own right, but John is extremely flexible and made sure we made the highest and best use of our time at every moment.

Getting away from my home base and taking AFIT’s training in Colorado was the right choice for me. For a South Texan to fly to Wyoming [a State I had never been to] in temperatures below freezing (!), flying ‘no gyro’ precision PAR approach to minimums is an experience that can simply cannot be ‘simulated’ in a metal box on the ground or memorized out of a book. Being able to have a superb instructor of the impressive caliber that John offered me all day, every day, day after day is, I believe, the most efficient way of learning this challenging discipline. My three regrets are 1.) that, going forward I don’t have access to John in San Antonio on a day to day basis- I will truly miss him; 2.) that I don’t own ‘my airplane’ which would have ultimately maximized the unique opportunity flying with John can be and 3.) that I did not take this course with y’all sooner.

“All’s Well That Ends Well. ”I passed on the first try and I am, once again extremely grateful to everyone involved. Thank you.