I just wanted to drop you a note regarding my recent experience working with Bill. As you may recall Bill was going to come up to Illinois to work on my IFR rating at my home base. Unfortunately the week before we were to start training my plane was found to have 4 cracked cylinders. Perfect timing! I talked to Bill and he recommended I come to Texas and get my ticket in a new 172 with the G1000. The first day I flew the plane I thought there would be no way in hell I could master the G1000 let alone fly it in IFR. I was wrong! I only had 10 days…………period. Bill had me flying 5-6 hours a day doing approach after approach. If I screwed up……….we did it until I got it right! We flew in class Bravo airspace, landed at Houston-Hobby airport, flew in real IFR even the beginning of a thunderstorm with a landing in unforecast and abrupt wind shear conditions. We topped that off with night IFR flight in and out of the clouds with varying degrees of rain. What a great experience!!!!

Bill’s 30 years of experience from flying everything from a 152 to a Falcon jet and everything in between offers a wealth of knowledge that he imparts on you every waking moment. Even lunch……Bill brings his “pink cards” . These cards have been developed over his many years of listening to examiners questions during the Oral part of the Check ride. Not one question was asked by the examiner that Bill did not quiz me on at some time during my 10 day visit. In all reality……..after what Bill had me doing day in and day out and the tolerances that he demanded………………the check ride was my easiest day in the plane. He has a real gift teaching IFR. Even if I became frustrated Bills calm, encouraging demeanor would easily get me back on track and perfecting the approach. Great experience, great teacher and I feel I have made a friend for life. I will most certainly be back for my multi and commercial ratings.

Thanks again……..if you ever need a reference do not hesitate to call me.