My Private Pilot Training

Obtaining my pilot’s license has always been a lifelong dream, however, life events have always seemed to get in the way of this goal.  I’ve had some flight training prior to taking the AFIT course but the skills erosion associated with being a weekend warrior, at the mercy of inclement weather, prevented me from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m a banker in New York City with a hectic and dynamic schedule.  The AFIT course made obtaining my pilot’s license a safe reality in a compressed timeframe and is specifically designed for people who are self-disciplined, driven, committed, and willing to do the pre-work required to hit the ground running.  I opted to take two weeks off of work, disconnect myself from everyday life, and park myself in a rural California town where I could focus on the goal at hand.

I was paired with an outstanding flight instructor who was dedicated to me and only me, day in, day out; he also ensured safety was the primary goal, not successful completion of the course.  The way the AFIT course itself was laid out gave me a well-articulated roadmap to follow as I progressed through my lessons and FAA requirements.  I felt comfortable at every stage – my first solo, my first cross-country, my FAA oral and check ride – and am now a Private Pilot, thanks to AFIT.

Flight instructors are, in essence, teachers.  Not all teachers are created equal and the same is certainly true about flight instructors.  I’ve had a few flight instructors in the past but none as committed, knowledgeable, and patient as Andy.

Flying involves a lot of science – physics, statics, dynamics – but Andy’s teaching techniques are an art.  He has a unique and effective way of articulating complex subject matter, often times through easy-to-understand real-life examples.  I ask a lot of questions and Andy was as patient in the cockpit as he was on the ground; he took the time to explain things in depth which greatly improved my overall flying and learning curve.  Andy does things by the book, as all pilots should, and during every step of my lessons with him, safety was the top priority.

Flight instructors have a lasting impact on the future flying habits of their students.  I certainly lucked out with Andy – he is a class act and I will undoubtedly be visiting him again for my instrument and commercial ratings.  Highly recommended!

I highly recommend this course to anyone who fits the personal attributes mentioned above.  I cannot speak highly enough about Tony, my flight instructor Andy, and the AFIT course.