My 10-Day Private Pilot Finish-Up Course

A colleague recommended AFIT to me and I’m glad he did. Greg and Michael at AFIT taught me how to fly! I trained with them to get my Private Pilot Certificate and will be coming back to them for my Instrument Rating. They’re more knowledgeable than other CFIs. And that matters because they make the FAA regulations make sense. They don’t just know the answers. They also know the best way to teach the material. AFIT is a professional school with a syllabus that they stick to – look for that before you consider another school. The syllabus keeps them focused on fundamentals, not distracting details. And their helpful mnemonics (GUMPS, CTAF, PAVE, DECIDE, CFIT) will forever be drilled in your head, to keep you safe, and help you pass your check ride.

I’ve had a lot of fun training and great experiences flying! I recommend AFIT to anyone.

Neal Mueller (on right) with FAA DPE