My 14-Day Private Pilot Training Course / KLHM

I just want to say thank you to Tony from AFIT and to my incredible instructor, Ruben, for helping me achieve my lifelong goal of becoming a private pilot! Five years ago, I first started flight training the traditional way at a local airport. Unfortunately, my instructor, a new CFI who was fresh out of school and couldn’t wait to join the airlines, seemed more concerned about logging time for himself than my flight training. After about 15 hours of lessons spread out over several months and never soloing, I decided to take a break because life became too busy, and at the rate I was going, it seemed like I would never get my private pilot license.

Earlier this year, my friend told me about AFIT and how he was able to get his private pilot license in just two weeks. I was intrigued and gave Tony a call, and he got me set up with my AFIT instructor, Ruben, at Lincoln Airport outside Sacramento. When I first met Ruben, I could tell right away that my flight training experience would be much better this time. As a full-time, senior flight instructor, Ruben’s number one goal was helping me become a safe and competent pilot, not building time for himself to move on to some airline. Ruben is an excellent flight instructor with a real passion for teaching. Because of him, I was able to complete my first solo flight in just three days. By the end of the two weeks, Ruben made sure that I was very well prepared for my checkride.

The upfront cost of AFIT is high, but I have no doubt that those two weeks cost less than traditional flight training, which is inefficient and takes many more hours spread over months or years. The training with AFIT is intense, but it is efficient, and I know that I am a safer, better pilot because of it. Having tried flight training the traditional way, there really is no comparison: If you truly want to become a pilot, AFIT is the way to go.

Nicholas Stauffer M.D.

Gallup, New Mexico /  Barto Pennsylvania