10-Day Instrument Training


I could not be more impressed with the training I received through Accelerated Flight & Instrument Training. The curriculum, equipment, and quality of instruction completely surpassed any expectations that I had. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous at first.. as I had never received so much consecutive training in such a small amount of time. The moment training began, it immediately became clear that there was nothing to worry about. Daily ground and flight training was structured in a logical, intuitive, progression of skills which built upon each other. Mike was awesome well!! I learned more from him in 40 hours of training than I did in the 100+ hours of training I came in with. He is calm, clear, and extremely patient, though he’s not afraid to challenge you when you get too comfortable. He knows when to assert himself and make crucial info known, as well as when to keep the cockpit a sterile environment so you can acclimate to your setting. Repetition was key- I couldn’t imagine getting my instrument license in any other format. I will definitely be training with AFIT again in the near future!