I wanted to let you know how my training went in Denver Co. First, I would like to let you know that John was excellent. While I had some uncertainty about going to Denver to do my commercial training, I am very glad I did. This trip presented me the opportunity to fly in some weather conditions unlike anything here in California. By far, the most challenging part of the training was flying in Denver’s weather conditions. Wind kept us from landing at the departure airport on day 3 and nearly kept me from taking the check ride. John worked around those conditions and was a major part in the timely completion of the training. Not only was John excellent with the commercial training instruction, but, I learned a great deal about flying in crosswind and freezing conditions. This training was a huge part of my flight training and was consistent with the quality of my instrument flight training I received from AFIT for my instrument training. After getting both my instrument and commercial training with AFIT, I am extremely pleased with your company and I would highly recommend AFIT to anyone!