Now that I have finished my IFR training, I can say that I am extremely pleased to have chosen AFIT for my instrument rating. You assigned Hal to be my instructor for the 10 day course and it worked out great, I got to stay home and train, while Hal lived close by and was able to make a small commute.

As for the training, Hal was great, he was easy to understand and patient with my progression. For the 10 days during the course Hal was always encouraging and enjoyed instructing. With Hal’s amount of flight time in more complex aircraft, I was concerned that he would have a hard time transitioning back into a C172, however, I was very pleased with his knowledge and instruction he provided in my aircraft. During the course, I was surprised to feel like I was learning at a reasonable pace and not being overwhelmed with information. Hal had a great sense for how much information to provide at just the right time.

During the 10 days, Hal would debrief after each approach and after performing any required objective for the rating. Throughout the course I was pleased with the quality of training I was getting and knowledge Hal was able to pass along from his many years of flight experience. Hal’s experience is priceless, with 10,000 hours of PIC time, his ability to teach from his experiences and relate it to instrument training is awesome. Hal’s willingness to share from personal experiences results in an easy application of rules and regulations that could be hard to grasp. Hal’s strong desire to teach is a great combination with his knowledge and it showed throughout the course.

I would gladly recommend AFIT as a resource to get an instrument rating or IFR refresher and would, without a doubt recommend Hal as an instructor for an instrument rating.