9 Day PPL Finish-Up Course

Thanks for everything!! Hope to see you again.

Tony & John, 

I wanted to thank you for everything.  Getting started with AFIT was easy, straight forward, and every detail was explained up front (no hidden strings).  That’s something I appreciate. I started training almost a year ago with a couple different instructors.  Between my busy schedule, the weather, and my instructors schedule I could not find the time to train.  At that time I was averaging 3 hours a month.  That’s when I found AFIT and John came to town.  I cleared 8 days for nothing but training and scheduled the check ride for the 9th day.  By the final day, John had me more than prepared for the Final and I passed with flying colors.  If your struggling to find the time and dragging it out like I was, give these guys a call.  

Thanks again for everything, 

Nick Thompson
Hobbs, New Mexico