10-Day IFR Training CT182T G1000

I want to thank AFIT for the extraordinary overall experience it has provided me, and I strongly encourage anyone interested in obtaining a Private Pilot License and/or his/her Instrument Rating to achieve such ambitious targets through AFIT’s effective training.

Tony and John have been of immeasurable help during the period of preparation prior to attending the training, as well as during the training itself.

It has been a long time since I wanted learning to fly, however I always postponed such passion, due to heavy work commitments and the difficulty of dedicating several months to the process, as it usually done during conventional training.

I finally heard of AFIT last year and decided to “go for it”, as I was impressed by the customers’ testimonials and by the guidance provided by Tony who explained the entire process in a simple manner.

I then trained with John, an incredible professional pilot with immeasurable years of knowledge and ability to helping pilots obtaining results. It was difficult at times, but deeply rewarding. Overall it was incredible to learn so much and in such a short period of time. Thanks to John’s help I was able to obtain my Private Pilot License, mid of last year.

Given the great experience, I wanted to go back to AFIT for my Instrument training. Thus, I started training again with John a few weeks ago. His deep knowledge, experience and dedication made me learn IFR flying. I accomplished the Instrument Rating I was so much looking forward to! He went beyond making me an Instrument rated pilot: he made me a true safer pilot.

Thank you AFIT!!