Once again, I would like to thank you for your expert instructions laden with years of knowledge, of many aspects of the flying business.

Your course is as advertised and better, an experience shared by one of AFIT students in the recent article in the AOPA magazine. It requires a total immersion with no distractions, one reason why I chose to come to you rather than have you come to my home town, a place where most of my distractions reside as well. With much of my initial self-doubt it was your encouragement throughout the course combined with prioritizing my weak points which ultimately lead to the successful passing of the check ride on a first attempt. Your dedication to the common cause of having me to pass no matter what it took was too, just another testimonial to your integrity and commitment to my success. I for one take great pride and satisfaction of not becoming the cause of lowering your success rate of having your students pass on a first attempt. You deserved no less. In the end my rewards were my new instrument rating, new friendship and the prospect and desire to pursue commercial and multi-engine ratings. All thanks to you.