Thank you for Hal. He is a great instructor. You were right on when you said I would be happy. I passed my check ride on Monday as you know. Hal is so patient and professional, and has become a good friend. His unrelenting confidence in me was so reassuring. The thought of being Taught by an instructor with Hal’s experience and safety was everything. From day one of flying we were in the system and clouds. After all my concerns when talking to you on AFIT’s training, I really see the benefits of actually flying in the system Vs. Simulation. Some of the situations we were put into with ATC you just can’t simulate. I can’t say enough about Hal and his Love for IFR training and his positive attitude every day. He made the difference in my abilities as an Instrument pilot. My flight examiner said he did a good Job. Please use me as a reference any time and I would love to talk or answer any Questions for someone considering AFIT.

Thanks again,