AFIT, wow what an experience.

I decided to take on a 10 day IFR course in my Cirrus SR-22 and never expected it to be so easy, accommodating, and fulfilling. The experience began the second My instructor Ron stepped off his flight from Florida at LAX. He was accommodating confident and organized. Never through the 10 days did I feel rushed, or feel the repetitive nature of this training to take its toll on Ron, his relaxed nature made flying for so many hours with a hood on calming and very instructional. If you are thinking of this course and have the time to put in, your results will unquestionably be the same as mine. I passed almost without one negative comment from the FAA Examiner that performed my check ride. I had plenty of time to continue managing the demands of my company and never missed a beat in the training. Ron not only was a wonderful instructor but became a friend. Thank you AFIT for the time and the confidence to get my IFR ticket in a short 10 days of fun.