10 Day IFR Training In My C182 with G1000

Hello Tony,

Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and support that Gil provided me. Gil was great, and a lot of fun, to work with. As you know, I was rather apprehensive about learning IFR in 10 days when it took me over 3 years to obtain my Private, but with Gil’s expertise I was able to accomplish my goal. I really enjoyed that we jumped right into IFR training learning every aspect as opposed to spending weeks on end on a single topic. Gil was very patient with me and took the time to strengthen my weak points. Overall, I had a very enjoyable 10 days with Gil as we had a lot of fun learning and flying. I’d recommend this course to anyone seeking an IFR rating.

Cheers and thanks again.   

Peyman Ardestani
Los Angeles, California