I wanted to thank you for AFIT’s excellent service and the superb training I received with John. I was able to successfully complete my IR tests (written, oral + check ride) and obtain my Instrument Rating within exactly 10 days, as planned. I cannot thank John enough for his pro-activeness and excellent eye for detail throughout my training. I found John to be a fabulous instructor, thorough in his preparations, very effective in ground training, and extremely good at flight training. His vast experience as an airman, instructor and also as a businessman makes him uniquely able to teach people quickly and to bring them up to the required IFR standards. Plus, John is a great guy and a very personable instructor.

I highly valued training on a recent Garmin 1000-equipped airplane. John’s intimate knowledge of the Garmin 1000 glass cockpit system enabled me to learn quickly not only how to use the system for safe and effective IFR flight, but also to start tapping into its huge potential for flight planning and enhanced situational awareness. I am truly delighted to have learned so much and I feel strongly that I am a better, safer, more able pilot now than I was before starting my training.

Last but not least, I appreciated the help in getting the paperwork ready in time for completion and within tight deadlines, not always an easy task for foreign pilots.

It has been a rich, sometimes intense, but overall very satisfying experience. I highly recommend AFIT, and John in particular, to anyone interested in improving their flying skills, whatever they may be.

Please feel free to forward my recommendation as you see fit.