Private Pilot Training

I am a full-time Embry-Riddle student. After dozens of shortened classes at Riddle, I found myself literally further behind than when I’d started there! All sorts of problems with poor scheduling, poor instruction, exorbitant prices and fees, albeit with a once-respected reputation. I requested to be allowed to finish my Private with AFIT, a one week, one fee, one time, one and done program; but, Riddle responded that it couldn’t possibly be any good, or at least as good as Riddle, and if I did choose that route, I’d lose Embry’s ATP thousand hour exemption!

Well, it looked like it was going to take at least several hundred more hours to get my PPL with Riddle anyway, so off I went to AFIT (with no regrets or reservations) and a week later I had my Private Pilot’s License! What a relief and what a pleasure to work with Tony at corporate and Ruben in Sacramento. Both responded timely, professionally, and were supportive and encouraging throughout my entire experience with AFIT– so refreshing. I would highly recommend the flying experience with AFIT and if Riddle would only let me, I would gladly continue my Instrument and Commercial with AFIT, during the school breaks! This isn’t to bash Riddle, but to uplift AFIT, so if you are searching for a super flight school with budget financing, great instruction and outstanding customer service, l highly recommend AFIT.

Life hack: if in your future you are considering Embry-Riddle, you absolutely, positively must go in with your Private already in back-pocket or hand, and I highly recommend getting it from AFIT!

Athena Zarka
Kaneohe, Hawaii