14-Day Private Pilot Training

I am so glad that I enrolled in the 14 day private pilot training program. 

A program like this is intense, and you have to be prepared going into it. I’m glad I took the time to really focus on ground school and the written exam before I came out to California. I think that it made a huge difference and allowed us to be very efficient with our time. 

Training in Van Nuys was challenging, but ultimately a positive experience, in spite of some less than ideal weather conditions that we had to contend with. Having access to the same plane and your own dedicated instructor each day really is a game changer. 

Ciprian was a tough but fair instructor, who pushed me to do my best each and every time we flew together. I felt as though we were a real team and that he was actively rooting for my success the entire time. And in the classroom, he is very good at breaking down complex concepts.

I’m proud to have achieved this accomplishment and am grateful for my experience training in Van Nuys!

Thank you.