It was a pleasure to work with John on my instrument rating. I am glad to have passed my instrument rating at the end of 10 days of flying. AFIT (John) delivered as advertised. Without AFIT, I would not have completed my training in such a short time. Taking more than two years to complete my private pilots license was not the path I wanted to follow for my instrument rating. As the new owner of a Diamond DA40XL, I didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of my private license training. The instrument training I received in my airplane has advanced my skills to be safe and proficient while obtaining the maximum benefit of a technically advanced G1000 aircraft. I enjoyed the time flying out of Boulder, CO to destinations that provided me with the opportunity to fly many different instrument approaches at airports in Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado instead of just the local area that an examiner would use to test my skills. John provided me with tips and insights on flying beyond instrument flying that only a well seasoned professional flight instructor of his caliber could provide. I appreciate the knowledge and skills I gained from flying with John.

Traveling to Boulder instead of flying locally in Phoenix during the summer was an easy choice. John provided insight on great accommodations and what to do in Boulder that topped off great days of flying. I thoroughly enjoyed my break from my day job to flying out of Boulder and would recommend John and AFIT to anyone who wants to do it right and get an instrument rating.