I want to thank you for the training I received through A.F.I.T. I had some concerns as to the swiftness of this course at first but after the first day meeting with my instructor Lou my apprehensions were put to rest. The time frame allotted for this course was spot on. I cannot say enough good and positive things about Lou. Before I started the course he had researched what I needed for my add on commercial rating and put together a manual and maneuvers book.

It is not often in life that we get a chance to meet someone that has such an impact on our lives and careers. Lou is an invaluable asset to aviation and it shows in his passion to instruct, his vast pool of knowledge, and his character. I commend you on having instructors like Lou. Not only did I receive the training I needed but did so in a timely manner and with confidence that I would pass the check ride. If in the future I should need any further training and it is offered by your company I will most certainly be contacting you.