I had a great experience with John this past week. John is pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough. He was patient when I was frustrated and helped me get over the learning curve to feel comfortable in the IFR environment. Aside from the IFR teaching, he also taught me about my airplane, making me more knowledgeable regarding airplane systems, maintenance and avionics. He seems to approach his work with the eagerness of someone who still enjoys going to work in the morning. After the first day or two, I found I was having more fun than I would have expected trying to get ready for the check ride. He had me doing engine out partial panel approaches before we were done, which was more than anything required on the check ride. Then off to Idaho to find an examiner who was qualified to perform the exam in a Twin Commander. He and Pat met me at the airport when I returned to help me celebrate-a very professional gesture. I would be happy to work with John again or to recommend him without reservation.