Private Pilot Training Course

Hi Tony,

I really enjoyed my AFIT experience and apologize for not sending you this note earlier.

First off, thanks to you and Andy for helping me accomplish my goal of becoming a Private Pilot. The whole process was great, from getting signed up, to last minute review for the check ride. I really appreciate your professionalism and patience, working with me to fit the training into my schedule. Furthermore, I could not have asked for a better instructor than Andy. He is very knowledgeable and confident in his skills/abilities. His calm demeanor and patience allowed me to learn in a stress free environment. I would recommend him as an instructor to anyone looking to become a pilot.

I also really enjoyed the accelerated training program schedule. It was very beneficial to be fully immersed in the flight training. It allowed me to minimize distractions, get a better grasp of the knowledge (i.e ‘why’ instead of just ‘what’) and get a better feel for flying since I was doing it constantly.

I look forward to continuing my flight training with you all in the future.

Hope everything is going well,

Robby Apfel
San Francisco, California