I just wanted to share my impressions of my recent training with Bill and AFIT. Once I arrived in Texas, we got right to work. I had been asked to have my written completed before I came for training and I easily would have finished with training in less than 10 days if I had completed my written first. Unfortunately, my home and work schedules didn’t permit me to finish it before my training began. Bill worked with me daily to review any questions I had on my practice written tests to make sure I had complete mastery of everything needed both for the test and for actual proficiency. We did lots of flying under the hood every day. We even worked during lunch breaks with his famous pink flash cards to practice for the oral portion of the exam. I took the written and scored a 95. I also easily passed my checkride too thanks to Bill’s flying skill and knowledge and his ability to teach both to me. The most important thing I gained by working with Bill and AFIT was not just an instrument rating, but instrument proficiency. The morning after my checkride, I filed my flight plan and took off into instrument conditions for the first time and flew home safely and confidently in the clouds from Texas to New Jersey with a fuel and meal stop in Arkansas and another fuel stop in West Virginia. Two days later, I flew again in IFR conditions. Since I earned my instrument rating earlier this month, I have flown about 40 hours in actual IFR conditions. Each time I fly I am thankful for the skills I learned which make me both confident and safe. I don’t hesitate to fly because of visibility as long as I am within minimums plus a safety margin. I can read and predict the weather much better now too thanks to my training. The practical tips and experiences shared by Bill have also helped me to make better informed choices about when to fly in IMC and when to wait or drive. I still hear his voice when I unintentionally deviate from my intended course by a degree or two – “Robert, level the wings!” I’m still learning, but I have a great foundation to build upon thanks to my AFIT training!