Just a short note to thank you for the fantastic, and fantastically effective, 14 day PPL program run by Eric out of St. George (UT).

For starters, I cannot imagine many more qualified instructors than Eric. With a CFII and also an A&P there was little he couldn’t make comprehensible in a few short sentences.

His airmanship is similarly outstanding. He could drop the Cherokee on a table cloth sized spot on the runway under any weather condition and demonstrate the PTS maneuvers with a precision that made me despair for a while that I would ever be able to meet the standards he set for me.

Perhaps even more importantly, Eric also was incredibly dedicated to the objective of making me succeed. It didn’t matter how many hours he had to spend with me to get a maneuver right and how long a day it became for him; the only thing that mattered was that I was going to get it right and would master the material. I was deeply impressed by his commitment to my success (especially since I clearly wasn’t the most talented student he ever had to bring along).

Perhaps as a result of Eric’s dedication – and my matching efforts – the actual checkride was rather anticlimactic and almost “easier” than I expected, the sign of good preparation.

Finally I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Rhonda’s (Eric’s better half) contributions. From taking care of the paper work, to picking us up and dropping us off she was a ray of sunshine and encouragement in an intense 2 week program. Thanks Rhonda!

Needless to say, I unhesitatingly recommend A.F.I.T. and Eric to anyone looking to do an accelerated program.