I wanted to express to you what a great experience AFIT was. From the first phone call I made to the final day when I received my private pilot certificate, I received prompt responses to my calls, questions and emails. I never felt ambiguous or unsure about where we stood in the process.

I could not have had a better instructor than Eric. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable, he truly cared about me becoming a SAFE pilot. He was there from sun up to sun down (and somedays longer)making sure we stayed on track and did not waste ANY time. This was very important as I had expressed to you on the phone that I was ready to work hard to achieve the certificate. It meant everything to me that I was provided with an great instructor who was more than ready to do the same.

I received A+ quality training in a time period and price we had discussed prior to my payment. What a great service AFIT provides in an industry that seems to do everything but that. I would recommend AFIT to anyone who is serious about receiving great instruction in a timely manner.