I just wanted you to know Bill E. was a pleasure to work with. He was able to stay calm and worked with my bad habits, no matter how stubborn I was. Bill is very understanding, patient, and a genuinely nice and sincere gentlemen. He even worked our a second weekend trip so that I was able to pass my checkride. I’ve been flying VFR for over 10 years and have always worried about being stuck someplace or having to delay departure. It sure adds undue stress to the situation. I had taken a traditional IFR course with my local CFI and passed the written. With my business growing fast it seems I never had the time to get my instrument rating. But I did update my Saratoga with the latest GPS, HSI, Mode S, etc, for that day when I would have to enter the clouds.

The stress finally got to me after being stuck in TX for 2 days. I saw your ad in one of the flying magazines at the FBO, called the number and got the ball rolling. I studied on my own and, based on my old instructor’s endorsement, took the written exam ( got a 97% ). Bill E. then stepped in and we logged 18 hours of training over a 5 day period. I enjoyed every minute. Even the ground training. I have never worked with an instructor that has such a broad spectrum of flying experience. With Bill’s confidence I was able to pass the check ride and I now have my IFR rating. I almost immediately put the rating to use on a trip with to the San Juan Islands ( near Seattle ). With my wife ( a VFR pilot ) in the right seat to crosscheck, we were able to make 3 IFR departures and 3 full approaches at 4 different airports on that trip. We were able to make all of our planned departures and stops on schedule. No more undue delays waiting for the morning marine layer to break up. That trip was made possible by my training at AFIT.
It was a pleasure having the chance to work with AFIT and especially great to receive training from an instructor with such experience and knowledge as Bill E. AFIT would be my number one recommendation for any experienced pilot wanting to efficiently earn an instrument rating.