14-Day Private Pilot Training Course

I Would like to thank AFIT and Oleg for making what always seemed like a pipe dream into my new reality in less than two weeks.

Having a wife and two kids and living in a remote mountain town hours away from flight training school made the “traditional way” or learning nearly impossible.  With zero flight experience or training going I wasn’t really sure this was something that could be accomplished in this short of a time.  My flight instructor, Oleg, pushed me harder than I expected and the first few days seemed overwhelming until all of a sudden it didn’t.   On my 4th morning I was flying solo and it all came together.  The continuous one on one instruction and accelerated pace really made the difference and Oleg seemed more like a part of my family than some instructor.

Successfully completing my check ride and getting my Private Pilot’s license in less than two weeks from first beginning learning was an amazing feeling.  Now less than a month after I’m taking delivery of my own Cirrus SR22 Turbo. I am looking forward to having the freedom I’ve always wanted to travel with my family on our schedule!  AFIT and Oleg were a perfect start to a lifetime of learning and adventure.


Ryan Pfaff

Telluride, Colorado