Private Pilot finish-up Course

I began the AFIT program in Lincoln, CA shortly after my instructor in Vegas broke his foot and needed surgery. This put a big hold on my training. I felt totally confident with my flying skills but I was very behind on my ground knowledge. Back in Vegas, I failed my written test and within 2 days of working with Ruben, I passed the written test with an 85%. Just 6 days after that, with the dedicated instruction from Ruben I passed my Private Pilot Check ride. Even though I felt confident in the plane prior to meeting Ruben and beginning the AFIT program, by the end I realized how much I had learned and become a better pilot. Ruben was willing to do anything for me to pass my check ride in the 8 days I was working with him. I will forever be grateful for him and AFIT for what they have done for me. The amazing thing that, looking back, I realize is that Ruben taught me so much and it didn’t even feel like instruction. Ruben made it the most enjoyable process along the way and like I had previously stated, he was willing to do anything for me to get my check ride behind me!

Thank you for everything Ruben. For the last couple weeks, I’ve just been in awe of the quality instruction I received from you. Still can’t believe that we did it! 

Sam Stevens

Henderson, Nevada