14-Day Private Pilot Training

AFIT’s program was perfect for my goals. I wanted to earn my Private Pilot’s License quickly, and without wasting any time. Beyond this, however, I wanted to be prepared for real world issues that I may face as a pilot. My CFI, Paul Vera, was remarkable. With him, I wasted no time and by the time of the check ride, I was beyond prepared. Each flight hour was taken seriously, and each maneuver was an opportunity to learn something and work on technique. Each hour on the ground was spent reviewing relevant material beyond the expectations in the ACS.

Of note to any potential customers: AFIT takes this very seriously. They expect you to show up and be prepared to be serious about flight training for 14 days. Every lesson spent builds on the last, so reviewing your notes outside the classroom is essential. However, if you show up ready, and bring a positive attitude, you will be more than prepared for your check ride, and your future as a pilot.

Thank you AFIT!

Samuel Bunch

Winston-Salem, North Carolina