My schedule is one that has never let me complete the IFR rating due to time and or the lack of time. Being a person of many hats, the little time I have, I spend with my family, and fly only as much as I can. This made it impossible to have conventional training on the weekends for one hour at a time. As you know this situation put me down to the last week before my written expired. Luckily I went on line and searched for IFR Training and you guys came up. I sent you an email not sure as to what I would get, when you returned the call for help when in an hour I felt better about what I might get. When you said Bill would come to me and allow me to maintain a bit more family life each night that was even better. I must say Bill and I had a special time. The weather went south for the check ride, then Bill called and said pack your bags, we are going to Texas, I knew he knew how to get this done. Under the worst of situations, we made a plan and got it done. We flew to good weather, we went to an area where he knew what to do and introduced me to the examiner I needed to know to accomplish the rating in 6 days.

I must say thanks to Bill and your group. Even when the it seemed impossible to get the rating in time, you guys pulled it off. I learned more about IFR in one week than two years of training on weekends and one hour at a time. Hitting it hard and constant is the way to go…..

Thanks again, and my hats off to you Bill..!!