10-Day IFR Training in My Cessna 206 with G1000

Hi Tony,

Thank you for setting me up with Mike for the 10 day accelerated instrument course. I’ve had a lot of instruction over the years, and Mike really stood out. There are so many things in flying that you are expected to know, but which are only presented in ways that seem to require rote memorization. Mike, for the first time, explained many of those items to me in a way that put them into context, making them far easier to remember. My son was working on his private with another of your instructors simultaneously, and Mike went out of his way to help him as well.

While I had some idea of going in, spending 40 hours under the hood in 9 days was tougher than I expected. Here again, Mike made it easier by being an enjoyable companion who had a good sense of when to push me, and when it was time for a break. He also made it fun by incorporating destinations that were interesting, and when schedule permitted, had great food.

I did my private the traditional route and it took months. I constantly felt like I was starting over to some degree after breaks due to weather, plane availability, instructor schedules, etc. I know some people feel that you don’t learn as much going the accelerated route, but I personally found it far better. By being 100% focused during the training I believe I built skills more quickly and will remember more than if I’d again tried to fit in lessons before, after or in the middle of the workday, with all of its distractions.

Thanks again for your help getting both my son and I scheduled, setting us up with great instructors, and in making sure we both had the skills we needed to pass our check rides on the same day.


Sean O’Toole