My 10-Day PPL Finish-Up Course

Hi Tony,

I would like to share here my experience flying with Oleg at KFFT. “Simply the best!”

To begin with I would like to share that I came to Frankfort KY from California with a clear mission, to get my Private Pilot certification and with the great support and professional training that Oleg provided to me I was able to return back to California after 10 days as a certified pilot! however there is much more to that story.

My efforts to become a private pilot started 1 year back. I can say that I had experiences with a few CFIs. I was very patient and I trusted them to do the best to get me certified but I found out that I was wrong! With Oleg everything was simple and straightforward. Right when I came in he reviewed my experiences and got straight to work. On the 1st day he helped me to correct simple landing mistakes and I felt much better! On the 2nd day I was already soloing and on the 3rd day I completed my 1st XC SOLO. Then it took 1 night to finish my night flight minimums and with that I completed all the minimum requirements for the checkride. From that point it was mostly about improving my maneuvers and focusing on theory. Besides that I have to say that Oleg is a very easy going and very funny guy so it was absolutely a great pleasure to spend time near him.

So to summarize my experiences I would highly recommend any student pilot that takes flights here and there in between other tasks to change strategy! Say goodbye to the world, get on a plane to Kentucky, spend about two weeks with Oleg and I can guarantee that he will make you an excellent pilot!

I highly recommend him.

Shay Wail

San Diego, California