This intensive course was the only way I could get my IFR rating. Between work, family and personal issues, it was never going to happen. The 10 days in a row is the only way I could do it. Also I am glad that I flew to Georgetown, instead of the instructor traveling to Mexico. This way I was able devote all my time entirely to the training without distractions.

Flying around Georgetown TX, had many advantages. There are many airports with different approaches. Many of these airports have awesome restaurants. The people working at the FBO Aero Centex took care of everything. They made my stay as pleasant as it could be. The most difficult part of the experience has to do with communications… especially for a foreign guy; it was the most difficult part of the training. But the controllers in TX sounded very nice, not rude, and many times forgiving. I would recommend strongly that foreign pilots train in TX, especially around KGTU.

The best part or the trip was training with Bill. He is an “excellent pilot and instructor”. We flew every kind of approach, with and without avionics to expect failures. He shared his “Tribal Knowledge” with me in the air and on the ground, making many difficult details simple. Bill brought his pink cards to lunch every single day, so he prepares you for the oral exam even at lunch. And when the training was just too much, Bill will distract you with very interesting chats. He is an engineer that has traveled many parts in the world. So he knows things from here and there. He has lived experiences in life that have made him so calm. In consequence that made him excellent for being a teacher. I was so worried about the written, then the oral, finally the flying exam. But he was just so calm, and makes you feel comfortable.

What worked out really well, in the end, Bill took me to the place were the exam took place and made me do a pretest of what to expect on the final exam. That practice gave me the confidence I needed. So when the day came, I had the “5 Ps” that Bill likes to point out. Another huge detail that helped me on the check ride was the examiner, Pete. Another great guy that made me feel calm right away.

So as you see, the sum of events and details made a “Great Experience” for me.