My Experience with AFIT, Private Pilot Training

Good Morning Tony…it’s Saturday, and I am finally getting a little quiet time to reflect on my recent experience with AFIT & Ruben, culminating in those three amazing words from the mouth of the DPE sitting 2 inches to my right…”Congratulations, you passed!”  That happened on Tuesday morning, I flew back to my home town near Houston, TX from Sacramento, CA, and just now the wave of satisfaction and joy is finally catching up to me.  The 10-Day Finisher Course was exactly what I needed.

After beginning my journey summer of 2016, soloing that December, I was struggling to cross the finish line between my work/life schedule, as well as increasingly squeezed CFI’s at my flight school.  Finally, in December 2018 (2 years after solo), I was ready to go full throttle.  I knew accelerated programs were out there, but I also knew there was a continuum on the quality of that training.  Since my dream is to fly my family of 5 around the country, quality wasn’t something I was willing to skimp on.

After some time researching the internet, talking to several folks, Tony and AFIT began to float to the top.  I had roughly 55 hrs of flight time & training, including a solo endorsement when Ruben met me at the Lincoln, CA pilots lounge.  I knew I could take off, land, and likely navigate, somewhat safely, across the unfamiliar Sacramento Valley area, but that wasn’t anywhere close to the goal for both Ruben & myself.  Currency & Proficiency ARE NOT the same!  Ruben worked tirelessly and patiently with me to not only complete my flight requirements, prepare for the check ride, but even more…to make me a safe and competent “real world” pilot.

I am proud to hold my certificate in my hand.  I know this marks the beginning of a whole new chapter for me and my family.  And I feel incredibly blessed to have found Tony, Ruben and AFIT!  If you are tired of bumbling to the finish line, and you can afford to take time to focus exclusively on the miracle and responsibility of general aviation…AFIT is a wonderful partner!!

Thanks Ruben & Tony…you will forever be a part of my aviation story!

Stephen Covey

Private Pilot, Single Engine Land